Our staff includes a wide range of qualified metal management experts. Many of them have many years’ experience in the field. So we can offer our customers seasoned services and guaranteed satisfaction.

For you, it’s peace of mind. We’re here for your projects, big or small.

Our services

Contact us : info@rmi-imr.com

Metal recovery

All ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as other specialized metals such as batteries, liners, drill bits, electrical cables, culverts, etc.


Site management and recycling services. We coordinate and will recycle ferrous metals, alloy metals, rubber liners, HDPE, oversized tires, tire tubes, blasting mats, conveyor belts and more!


Mining facilities, pulp and paper mills, manufacturing plants

Mobile press teams (carcasses)

Mobile car and truck pressing service. We come to your site to press your cars.

Specialized dismantling

Refinery tank dismantling service, transformer recovery and transformation, demolition of oversized parts, steel structures, heavy equipment, and agricultural and railway machinery.

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